A favorite of exuberant people

Radiant, bold, original – a perfect description of a unique companion for good times, yet why not a house? If you think many new homes are way too suave, get ready for a home with some character, situated in a special location in the immediate vicinity of Kadriorg and downtown, expanding your mind every step of the way.

Downtown quiet?

Traversing daily urban traffic jams, you’ll need a domestic place of Zen. No lengthy longueurs; suffice it to say this dignified historic stone building can keep secrets and quiet. Gonsiori street will soon undergo an update, opening a lane for inbound traffic to downtown in the morning and outbound traffic towards Lasnamäe in the evening.    


Numerous opportunities outside, rich content inside – this sets an all new atmosphere indeed. Your new home provides ample opportunity for fun. Meet your neighbors in the shared activity room for a game of pool or table tennis, or – no way, say Estonians! – a leisurely conversation. A play corner for all little monkeys. Each part of the building has a bicycle and stroller storage room next to a bicycle and pet washing room.

Not overly many homes facilitate a nice walk in greenery just past your front door, meetings with friends in a variety of cafes, or some well-earned quality time at Hilton Spa.

A touch of history

For centuries, history has been forged in Kadriorg; this crown jewel of a building pays homage to the old and dignified, full of splendid details and nuanced discoveries. Grand Gonsior was created, embracing the building’s original details – the facade, spacious hallways, limestone stairs with wooden railings, stylish lobby columns, expressive crown molding. Your new home subscribes to an open creative disposition, dreaming of a life that is forever one step ahead.